K24 | 2000 - 2019

In 2000, for the purpose of promoting Carinthia’s mountaineering and tourism, the largest Carinthian mountain challenge K24 was designed. Originally, it is 85 km long path with climbs on the five highest peaks around Črna na Koroškem: Peca, Olševa, Raduha, Smrekovec and Uršlja gora – together with about 5000 altitude metres. All those who beat the path in less than 24 hours, become members of Club 24 ( K24 ).
K24 is also interesting because the time of the journey is measured by everyone alone, so  there is no control on the way – everything is entrusted to the honesty and mountain ethics of the individual.

After 18 successful K24 seasons, the K24 TRAIL COMPETITION will be premiered in 2019. The route is extended to 100 km (5400 meters) and will become a unique ultra-trail in the world running through the abandoned tunnels of the Mežica mine (cca 6.5km) and continue along all five peaks of Carinthia.