Dear runners,

although in recent weeks we have focused all our efforts - as you certainly did in the preparations for the race - on the effort to run the K24 Ultratrail, we have to cancel our running event, unfortunately. We apologize to you and ask you to understand that we are canceling late - we really tried to the last to stage the race.
We were confident that all reasonable requirements and restrictions related to preventing the spread of covid-19 infections would be met. But the NIJZ gave us a negative opinion for the third time in a row, in our opinion without convincing arguments.                                             
We also believed that all participants in the run would respect all (self-) protective measures and that the risk of infections is minimal or almost zero outdoors, especially in such extensive terrain.
We would like to inform all applicants that we will return the paid entry fee, and we will deduct 20 euros from it, for which you will receive a K24 T-shirt at your address.
Thank you to everyone who persevered with signing up with us to the last and trusted us to run the race. We hope that  you will choose to stay with us until next year.
Thanks also to all the volunteers for their willingness to participate.